Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Magazines and a knicker making kit

I was in WH Smiths the other day and noticed a whole batch of
'new to me' magazines.
I'm generally looking at the magazines directly opposite these,
so chances are these aren't new at all.
But having had a look through some of them -
they look more like coffee table magazines to me.
Interesting to see them, although they struck me as a bit strange, somewhat voyeur-like magazines?
Idyllic images of how some bright things imagine life 'should be'?
Not sure why they gave me creeps, yes fabulous photography in some but ... I'm just not sure!

Dropped into the nearby charity shop after that and felt compelled to buy this old packet, from who knows when!
If anyone would like the paper pattern from within, it is unused, and certainly wont be used by me! - for making your own knickers -
size 8 to 18, I will gladly send you it.
I'm keeping the fat quarter however : )
And yes, that's a cutey picture of Evie tucked under it, a picture from her holidays to Spain with Mum and Dad last august.
Butter wouldn't melt ... ha!


  1. Well your secondhand make-your-own knickers certainly provide a balance to the glossy aspirational mags!

  2. And you're not making your own knickers because...........?

  3. I'm with Nanette - why aren't you making your own knickers? Just think of the possibilities. And the next time (heaven forbid!!) you tip over in a gin-induced stupor the neighbours will have something exciting to see. Just sayin'......