Sunday, 3 January 2016

Glorious Hexagon number 2, Hocuspocusville and a scary cat

Well block number 2 of the Glorious Hexagon is right lol
Number 1 will be a mug rug and so I will re make number 1 by and by.
The bonus here is that number 2 was made using the lacy scraps left over from fussy cutting for one of the Milliefiori rosettes from last year! 

Hocuspocusville so far -

Weird lighting there, not sure what happened!
I will add odd coloured titbits later on.

You know I said Id been sorting out my (downstairs) stash area?
Well this will give you a flavour of where the area is and what's in there.
The previous owner had seperated off a quarter of the back room to one side and had an arch there. It was his study and is now my glory hole with curtains lol it goes off to the left and right.

To the left side ..... yes, he's such a scary cat.

Oh and just in case you thought the sorting out had worked long term -

that's the table in front of the curtained off store area!

And I need to clear it off before Evie arrives in the morning too!


  1. Love your next hexagon Lyn and Hocuspocusville is looking great! It is such a fun design! Good luck with the tidying!! Christine x

  2. Love your peeking out kitty, I have one too who climbs into anything and pounces out. You need a big basket to scoop all your and tuck it out of sight. Good luck with the sorting and clearing :)

  3. That kitty is adorable-cats always make me smile. always fun to go through stash-great way to get ideas. loved your mug rug too Happy New Year
    Hugs from the Ozarks

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose work area looks like that! Your second hexagon looks gorgeous.

  5. I think your glory hole looks very enticing - I'd like one of those. And your table matches mine (at least the one in my sewing room anyway)