Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Quity 365

I have started another stitchy thing - have I completed any of the others yet?
Well no - but - well you know how it is,
the scrap fabric bag(s) seems to grow fuller and fuller!.
Having done further sorting out I have put quite a lot in the scrap bags so the need to use some is upon me again.
I decided I needed more access to my fabrics, you know, when you see it you realise its just what you want to use right?
But can you remember all you have if its tucked away in boxes ... well I cant.
I have a curtained off alcove in my now through front and back room and have set up tables with book shelves on them so a lot of the fabrics could be stacked in there.
There is a similar walk in area in my bedroom too - also stacked with stash.
No matter how many times I de-stash, someone seems to refill it!

Anyway I have made some more floral scrap 1.25 hexis for my scrappy cover and now
have begun some 7" square blocks for the Quilty 365.
The link to get involved is here -
I'm pretty sure Audrey is using 4.5" blocks but I have opted to use 7" ones and my circles are about 4" across and not very precisely cut if I'm honest.

The idea is to make a block a day, selecting colours that match your mood that day but like many others I am making a few blocks at a time.
The placing could be much as above, but Debbie at has suggested staggering the vertical lines of blocks so that to square up the final cover,
you can use some half blocks and thus, half circles.
I quite like that idea, especially since I doubt I will ever manage to piece the blocks so
well that corners all meet as they should!
I am making this one up - and I won't be making it as large as the 365-one-a-day blocks -
in a cream/brown colourways, in fact that yellow circle already looks out of place to me.
But I want to make another couple of covers in brighter colourways later, this is my tester piece to use in my front room, since it matches my colour scheme.

Right off to start block 3 of Hocuspocusville : )


  1. love what you're doing here. i agree about the's never ending but it is nice to have so many choices when you're looking for something that fits in. have a happy holiday.

  2. I like the idea of a block a day to match your mood....wouldn't it be awful to end up with a grey quilt :( I have my scraps colour coded in plastic tubs and stacked under my work table...not quite visible, but close enough to have a good rummage. Happy Christmas Lyn

  3. Good for you for starting a new project - this one sounds like fun and might just make a dent in the scrap stash too. I am resisting starting anything for a few days - simply because I've cleaned my sewing room and don't want to mess it up before company arrives. Thumb twiddling is not my forte. Merry Christmas!