Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Days will get longer - yeahhh

Well the Winter Solstice has passed, so slowly the days will begin to stretch out and the darker hours should get shorter.
Bring it on!
Though that's wishing your life away isn't it lol hmmm

Pulled out my Christmas fabric hexis again this year but they had become all tangled up and it was almost worse than untangling fairy lights!
So this year they are danglies, rather than tree garlanded. And they will be wound round something when they go back in storage!

Nipped into town today to pick up a gift and passed a homeless man asking for change.
So after I had picked up the item,  I dashed into a store and bought a small French stick packed with pork and gravy, a carton of chips and a hot chololate drink and went to give it to him.
And wouldn't you know - he'd moved on!

Wandered around looking for him but in the end took the food to my daughter who works nearby there and hoped she'd eat it for her lunch!
LOL So much for my pay it forward for today!

I donated again this year to the Soi Dog Foundation, which I follow on Facebook. They recue dogs and cats from the Thailand Meat Trade - I know, doesn't bear thinking about does it.

The founder is an English woman who started the charity after going to live in Thailand and was so appalled that they ate dogs and treated them so disgustingly.

Remarkably in trying to trap a particular dog she waded through waters and contracted a very nasty contagion and had to have her lower legs amputated.
But it didn't dilute her resolve to rescue the animals, remarkable eh?
Not for her the Oscar Pistorious fancy prosthetics, she has unstable and uncomfortable equipment especially in that heat and yet is as determined as ever to save as many animals as she can.

The thing is, did you know that if you have unused frequent flyer miles, you can donate them to the Soi Dog Foundation and they are used to pay for volunteers who travel with the animals that are homed and have to travel overseas!
Adopted animals can travel by cargo to their new countries but if they  have a human volunteer take them on board as carry on baggage, then together with a personal handover to the new owners at the arrival airport, it makes the animals journey far less stressful.

Having loaded aircraft holds myself as an Air Load Master, (though then always bags, freight or sadly, deceased soldiers,) I know too well how scary a journey in a forward hold can be.
So should you have spare air miles, or know anyone who doesn't use theirs, please spread the word.
And if you are travelling to that side of the world on certain airlines, please consider being a volunteer attendant traveller too perhaps!
No more pictures today, will do some photography over the next few days and post some catch ups after Christmas.

I wish you all a very, Merry Christmas,
however and to whomever you celebrate,
please have a peaceful and calming time.


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  1. There is so much cruelty to animals in this world. It simply hurts my heart to see it. On another note - my wee hexxie is adorning our Christmas tree and enjoying pride of place right at the front!

    Merry Christmas Lyn - enjoy every moment of it.