Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hocuspocusville block 4

Okay maybe I should have ironed it first .....

but if I got the ironing board out I would feel obliged to iron the clothes sat in a pile on the chair over there as well ....
hmm that was my thought process and a sure you follow the logic!

I was going to write xmas cards but someone has put the address book in a safe place ...
there's a down side to not having anyone else to blame ...
Was it you Max?
Was it you Hilly?
Or you Harvey?
 3 pairs of eyes look at me - like as if they care!

I made some xmas tree dangly snowmen faces again this year but knitted their hats this time.
I had fashioned very simple patterns myself for the hats but actually there's a wealth of weeny free knitted hat patterns online you could use.

You know those Innocent Smoothie drinks?
Well there's a fund of free knitted hat patterns online you could use, it might have saved me a bit of time if Id thought of looking at them first!

I have used white powder puffs (seconds shapes I picked up at Scrapstore) and beneath the hats are some very weird misshapes believe me.
The smiles are grape 'branches', bead-y eyes and felt carrot noses.
I have used invisible thread to hang them but made it quite short so with a pin on the back, they can be used as a broach/pin instead if you like.

I could go get the xmas decs out of the loft now I suppose, but it's as windy as it might be in Hades ....  not ideal sound effects for climbing stair ladders ... and if the huge winds blow the roof off, clearly I'd be at great risk.

Hmm time for a G&T and to get the next Hocus block fabric ready to trace the pattern onto!
That's an added cost too - a light box!

: )


  1. looks great even though it's not ironed.

  2. I have the ironing board set up permanently downstairs - doesn't make me at all guilty that there is a basketful of ironing upstairs. LOL
    The Hocus Pokus block is cute. My lovely son-in-law made me a light box for a birthday a while back. Before that I used to tape the design up on a window to trace it.

  3. I like that embroidery piece (ironed or no....and besides, who irons?). Cute little snowman puffies too. Attic trips are to be undertaken without any sort of prior tippling so be sure you undertake that escapade before the gin gets sampled!!

  4. Hope you are enjoying a lovely G&T Lyn! Love your Hocuspocusville Block 4! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Christine x

  5. Love your cheery snowmen, do you remember where you found the tiny hat patterns?

  6. Never iron! Things just get creased again. :-) (Oh, if my mother could hear me now...) I love your snowmen - maybe if you make enough you won't need to go into the attic at all, just festoon the place with these.