Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Moths begatting in my garden!

What an amazing sight to see first thing in the morning in the garden!
Poplar Hawk Moths begatting away and golly, they were still at it at 5.30 that night - bet her legs were tired by then!

Wonder if you can guess what I'm making at work? though I need to do some further paint effects and re-assembling.

One of the guys at work came to borrow a needle and thread for the anniversary card he was making for his wife. It was their second anniversary, so a 'cotton' symbolism - a thoughtful and clever idea this I thought,
all be it a bit sad he cut up his Hard Rock Café t-shirt!!

1 comment:

  1. Now that boy is a keeper. Cotton and giving up a cool t-shirt. Excellent. Far better than the anniversary where my hubby tried to convince me that it was "Teflon and Lycra" so he could give me a new frying pan and climbing gear.