Sunday, 13 July 2014

Love these heels, dislike this chair, I have a commission! and a hexifying website : )

Saw these in a charity shop yesterday - LOVE the stained wooden heels!

Not my size but then I don't go anywhere to wear anything this tasty!

I saw this flashy/kitschy/ crappy lol  seat trio at the car boot this morning - please don't tell me you like it!!
If you enlarge the picture, you'll get the full 'Dynasty' effect lol

I'm thrilled at the moment, since I've been approached by someone who bought a piece of my work 2/3 years ago off a stall I had at a Christmas event.
She's asked me to make her three of my circular 'trees' so I've gone through the panic stage - will they be good enough, can I create something for someone specifically, to order, when normally I just make things for me, that I quite like lol
Although they are to go on the wall in her garden log cabin come summer house so I have some organic leeway here!
Then I went through a house search for suitable fabrics, the heat gun, hoops  - all were in hiding of course, since before the move here.
Then I had a think about what I planned to do, what shape trees and what colours, that kind of thing.
I knew I'd want to use some hand made felt for the 'ground' so hauled out the embellisher - but couldn't find its lead and plug - godamit!
So out came the wet felting gear instead lol

 ..... so long since I've wet felted now my arms ache!!

Anyway I've begun the middle sized tree, still needs a lot doing to it mind you ..

A pal and I went for lunch in Cottingham, cant recall the name of the little tea room now sorry, but I thought the presentation was delightful!
Such a cute tea cosy!
My son finally fitted the white painted mdf over where the sliding door metalwork is, so now I have somewhere to hang my stitchy bird banner-y thing, when I get round to making it!
Though I stand more chance of having a Christmas themed something hung there before I get the birdy one completed lol
Then I saw this link on a blog I follow which I thought was kind of useful, now for the life of me I can't recall whose blog
I found the link on! I'm a dummy!
So if it was your blog, please forgive me and remind me so I can credit you correctly as having inspired me!
 : )
It allows you to hexify a picture! for free!
Foe example I took this picky
and heixfied it to this
okay not exactly mind blowing patterning but even so,
I love the colours lol
and this pic
becomes this!
Well you can see how much fun you can have with this lol
especially if your easily pleased like me !
You can have squares, when you click on 'apply the mosaic',
you can select hexi, square or 3 different triangles,
 rhombus and cubes !
Great fun lol see what I mean?
this is almost as absorbing and 'time wasting' as Pinterest!!


  1. Oh dear - I feel a nosebleed and a broken ankle on the way if I were to try wearing those shoes! b'sides I doubt they make them in shoebox size. They ARE beautiful tho'. I must have started following your blog after you made the trees before because I don't remember seeing them....your beginning looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to see one finished!!!

  2. I love your tree! So organic and just plain amazing!

    The pixilator was mentioned on The Hexie Blogspot in this post:

  3. Love those shoes! But I haven't been able to wear any sort of heel at all for about 30 years. :(
    Will have to keep a look out for your trees. Looks interesting what you are doing.