Sunday, 20 July 2014

Advice please?

Okay now I could do with some feedback please ~

This owl was stitched by a lady and her daughter wanted it framed.
Now it's for her that I am making 3 of my recycled  'dream trees' and they will hang with this owl, in her new garden chalet.
I had found this old tray at a car boot and straight away thought it would be a lovely frame - for something lol  -
so am considering using it for this?

Now I reckon owl could work in this tray frame, but should I shabby chic the woodwork or have a narrow mount between the natural wood of the tray and the stitching?
What do you think?
I can't get hold of the lass who gave me the commission, think she may well be on have no input from her as yet.

There's been some headway on the trees too ~

Oh and ....

After a recent visit to Waitrose and my shock discovery that they sell SO many gins I had never heard of, or tasted - imagine my surprise to find that Tesco also had 2 more makes I'd never heard of before too!
I can recommend the Blackwoods now : )

I couldn't leave this old pressed glass vase at the car boot this morning,
it was only 50p - 50p!!
Mind you it may not stay as a caddy next to the sink .....

I've been making tactile coastal erosion boards at work for a child to use in September. He has some sight so I've used 48 point font for him to read the words more clearly.
These and several other tactile explanatory graphics will go into a Coastal Erosion Topic Box.
All good fun ~


  1. i would go with the narrow mount but hard to decide without seeing it first. will you sample it or just go with what you decide? commissions are hard. not easy to always please the customer.

  2. I agree with comment above I like a narrow mound added too-I always liked that in quilts as well-helps to frame the piece-