Friday, 14 December 2012

Knitted noggin covers

Having unearthed a 2007 Knitsimple magazine (and am still trying to think where I got it, was it from you Mary Anne? lol) I found a little pattern of sorts for knitting a snail hat 
" neither in the round nor back and forth, this fun project spirals off your needles..."
Well it took a while to work out what the few instructions really meant and I'm not convinced the instructions meant, what I ended up doing but whatever.....
 it was a really satisfying method of knitting!
And the most amazing thing of all is that you start off with an I-cord and knit the whirly round shape with only 4 stitches on at all times!

Mind you the hat in the magazine is a beanie shape and mine ended up a beret shape and I had to wing the edging below but it 
seems to have worked out fine!

Then I took a fancy to combining some yarns together to make a hood like sure its easier using a pattern, but I grabbed what was on top of the basket.
I started off with 2 needles and then switched further on to knitting in the round and felted the finished item. I also braided some straggly bits of yarn and pushed them through the back and they felted up like dreadlocks nicely.

A week or so back I popped into our local dolls house club to wish them a merry christmas and they were showing their challenges, which had been to make a bed.
I thought this put-u-up bed was a clever idea, spot the foot!

                                and this death bed was a bit different too !!


  1. love that purple hat. knitting is my 'go to' thing lately when i don't feel like stitching.

  2. The deathbed scene is...unusual, but look at the tiny quilt!