Saturday, 29 December 2012

The latest fishing game

I ended up making a more suitable fishing game for my grandson, complete with magnetic rod, a narwhale and a crab. Thanks to B&Q wallpaper sample pieces .... : ) I was able to cover a show box for him to store his rod and 'catch' in.
The lad using a reindeer and a little metal santa, decided he needed a sleigh, so a coffin oops, shaped sleigh was made and it flew round the house for the next hour or so ....
 Ive colour sorted the hexis lol
although Im going to need quite afew more of course...

              and these hexi corners were too interesting to throw away...

           but am stalled abit at the moment with conjunctivitus in one  
       eye...I look like I've gone a round with a boxer! I also have mouth
                ulcers and a broken molar.....not bad all that, in 2 days ~
               Between Optrex for infected eyes, Tyrozets and    
                    paracetomol.....I could really do with vodka!
                And I'm still grieving over what happened in Downton Abbey!
                Shame on you Julian Fellows!.................sigh......


  1. oh....don't tell us about downton abbey. we just start up here in the USA in another week.
    your grandson is sure lucky to have you as his grandma... and those scraps--you can put them between water soluble stabilizer, do free motion stitching all over to connect them and then wash out the stabilizer. hope you get to feeling better. sounds like things hit you all at once.

  2. Hope you are restored to health soon, failing that try the vodka! I was shocked by Downton's ending too. Fancy doing that to Matthew and Mary!

  3. Lyn, take care -- I'm pretty sure vodka IS a medicine.....and they say things come in 3's so you'll be done for a long while when these pass.

    So MANY hexis, look glorious all sorted like that. And that sweet boy, a fine imagination like his nana!

    Downton Abbey doesn't start here until next Sunday. Can't wait., we've got to get Mr. Bates out of jail. ;)

    Wishing you a quick recovery and happy year ahead. xo

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon, that is not a good start to the New Year! Good luck with the Hexies, I did that some years ago now, and although the top is complete, it remains to be quilted...another UFO to consider in 2013..... Cheers

  5. PS Don't say any more about Downton Abbey#3 - we haven't seen it yet!