Sunday, 23 July 2017

Okay who stole most of May and June?

I really haven't got any excuses, someone clearly stole the past few weeks and I cant believe its been that long since I wrote a post.
I am indeed still alive although have developed a limp and painful hip, Physio suggested a walking stick ffs!!!

It appears that the gammy foot and ankle I have where a ligament or tendon repaired itself skew whiff several years ago - and has caused me pain and swelling ever since - has most likely meant that I walk differently to try and prevent foot pain when walking.
A coping strategy if you like - well it hasn't worked because I've ended up with bursitis and a limp LOL
This ageing lark is hard work : (

Displays in our revamped Ferens Art Gallery have been interesting since it reopened.

Image result for Skin ferens art gallery

I know a pile of stones right lol
Well no! Its all bloody polystyrene taken from the sea! Appalling isn't it!
The darker they are the longer they have been bobbing around in the sea.

Spencer Tunik came and had about 3000 people painted in 3 shades of blue paint then photographed them at various places around the city of Hull.
I adore this picture and wish to goodness I still had a body that good - I too would have queued up to be painted lol
Mind you if I laid down like they did I doubt Id have managed to get up again lol
Various photos that Tunik took have been displayed in the Ferens and are online to see, but this is by far my favourite. It reminds me of that picture of the tennis girl with the bare bum cheek benath her tennis dress lol
Oh and I can recommend the cakes in the Ferens Tea Room lol

Image result for Skin ferens art gallery

Currently there are these striking chalk on huge blackboards pictures to see there but I'm afraid I forgot to get the artists name!
I love them : )

The humble stick of chalk eh .....but in the hands of an artist with an eye for the movement of the sea and the struggle of mankind to stay afloat on it.

Life is really hard for some of my homes occupants ..... do we have to get up now Mum?

I've been stitching a fair bit, some cathedral windows blocks for a quilt to be given to the British rail policeman who was injured in London by rampant terrorists wielding knives.
Many other stitchers made blocks too so the final quilt will be striking I think.
The quilt will be displayed at the Festival of Quilts if any of you are going, before being given to the young man Wayne Marques later on.

I completed a little lap quilt out of odd fabrics which was sort of thrown together without much thought in the end.

 This too was something of a what if ..... and is now at the quilting stage but I've yet to photograph it I realise. I sliced some more of these blocks in half and added them to each side length, I adore the subtle colours on this.

My daughter has had chance to express her creative side too, she has drawn her version of this wonderful character on my granddaughters bedroom wall. This is the almost completed wall, colours altered to suit Evies bedroom colour scheme : )

My friend saw her neighbour filling her car up with junk to take to the dump - she was moving house so decluttering.
Chris noticed 2 sewing machines and asked off the cuff if either were Singers. Oh yes says the neighbour, here you can have this one if you like. And she took out a black box - which would have been in landfill before long!
I'd never actually seen one in real life!
An old Featherweight in lovely condition too.

Its my grandsons birthday next week, 9 already!
I picked up a natty but battered little chest at the car boot and have turned it into a miniature scene for him.
It is supposed to be the graveyard scene where Harry Potter came up against Voldemort  and this is far as I've got.
I have both character figures to go in it too but cant decide if I should glue them in, I probably will so it is more of a diorama for display.

Hmm ... did I show you that cushion before, cant remember?
I've made a few crochet cushion fronts too, they need to be finished off into cushions come to think of it!
Right I must crack on and stitch a bit. I've been making some blue and white fabric hexi flowers but of course I haven't got enough blessed blue with white fabric - oh bother - I may have to buy more fabric sigh.

But I wondered what the effect would be if I put a hexi of wadding in and behind the centre hexies and then when the top is complete, simply back it with a layer of fabric, so its a lightweight cover and only quilt around the inside centre hexi of each flower - does that make sense to you?
Let me read it back lol
I wonder if it will work?
Watch this space and see lol
It does mean that you make the flower, remove the central hexi paper and tuck in a hexi of wadding, basting it in position so the overlap of fabric at the back of the hexi, snugly holds the wadding in place.
My idea is that the final quilting inside the centre hexi of each flower will hold the backing to the front.
I'm sure its been done before and maybe it doesn't work because I cant recall seeing it anywhere LOL


  1. Felt sure that was your pic above, you're just being modest, saying it isn't, yes?
    And look at all you've accomplished while you haven't been writing your blog. Love your 'what-if' little quilt and those pale blocks, wish I had some like that! Good to see you back again.

  2. some very interesting photos you have shared was sure the pile was stones and as for the blur bodies that surely is a one off.Will keep my eyes open for your quilt at FOQ will be there friday to sunday are you going? Loving the delicate coloured quilt too and see your creative skills have been handed down to your daughter with her skills with a paintbrush crayons etc

  3. So many great photos. Can't believe those are rocks. Your quilt is wonderful, but you really much put it on top of kitty. She looks exhausted....grin.

  4. Nice to see you and find out what you've been up to, especially all the art you have managed to view, and your creative update. I love those gentle pastels (working on something similar myself right now). Who on earth puts a Featherweight into landfill?!!!

  5. I like the blackboard drawings. What skill to create so much dimension with a single color. It gives them a fantastic lighting.
    It was sickening to read of that bridge incident. I'm glad you're making something for him.
    I have a very similar Featherweight and can't believe anyone would throw one in such excellent condition away. Even the worst can be used for parts. Such a shame.
    Your soft hourglasses remind me of Kaja's. And then you diorama. How talented you are!

  6. Oh my goodness - hard to believe that pile of 'rocks' is actually plastic from the sea. Disgusting (but an effective display!). Hmmm - I can 'see' the sweet little girl character made into a lap quilt too - to go along with her wall painting. And definitely in shock over the fact that someone would be throwing that sewing machine in the landfill (mind you, my new machine is one I'd happily send there....or into the river).

  7. Oh, I so love your posts! So much interesting content with clever comments! My own life is a whirlwind of growing old too - just getting over a 3 day couch existence with sore throat and chills. Nothing to do but watch tv with that crazy Trump on every minute! I feel better today!
    I love your crochet cushion! The colors! Beautiful! And the little girl design on the wall, too. Your quilt is a comforting gesture. The bridge tragedy made me sick, and we've got our own massive flood to worry about, too.
    In the end, I like kitty's attitude ("cat-itude!") "Just wake me up when it's all over!"
    Write when you can, Linie, we love you!

  8. I had a conversation with a Singer repair man when my sister in law and I took her vintage machine in. You realise that your friend's neighbour was chucking £500 away? Her loss, your gain. LOL Just don't tell her, she might want it back!
    PS Twasn't me that stole May and June :)) I wasn't there til August.