Sunday, 7 May 2017

An in between post : )

Oh my, its been a while since I posted - I seem to have lost the plot and become disorganised and too busy by far.

So here's a bits and pieces post with apologies!

A fairly new commemorative statue here in Hull, to the many lost trawlermen lost over the years. I really do like these rusty statues
and I believe these faces are based on real fishermen who lost their lives at sea.

Ive been using up scraps again and making blocks to use at some point.

Thought you might like to see what £75 a metre fabric looks like made into cushions!
Lucienne Grey pattern fabric made into cushions for a chap at work ...

I have yet to make two more in a rectangular shape too.
Clearly he has more money than sense lol
They are backed in a grey to match which makes the fabric go further : )


  1. Meant to ask, are your blocks quilt as you go?

  2. Great cushions. Sure like the statues as well.

  3. Good to see you back on your blog was wondering if you were another blogger that had gone over to instagram like so many have, I do do instagram but much prefer the details people share on their blogs.

    Like you I like the look of rusty men. Cannot imagine such expensive fabric a case of how the other half live.

  4. I love the rusty trawler men, will have to try and visit some time when I'm passing (actually I never pass Hull, it requires a detour). Nice cushions, lovely fabric, even if the cost is daft.

  5. 75 lbs (sorry my computer doesn't have the correct symbol) for fabric? Didn't know they made it that expensive!! I'd have been sweating bullets cutting into it!

  6. The rusty statue looks great! I'm not sure I would be able to cut up such an expensive fabric. You've been brave!

  7. I remember thinking that $35 was too much for fabric a few years back, and that is half the price of the stuff you were using. Were you terrified of cutting into it and making a (very expensive) mess?? I watched an episode of Great British Railway Journeys last night and Hull was featured. Made me want to come and visit :-)

  8. I love your blocks and the Lucien Day fabric made me swoon!
    I bet you're enjoying the City of Culture status this year! x