Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stitchy Club meet and my scrappy quilt is almost done

Some of my extra cut down blocks make pretty good table mats!
I have used vintage bias binding that I had picked up somewhere or other on these two.
I picked this fabric below up at a charity shop, its actually a commercial pack with backing fabric and quilt front fabric too, with instructions on how to make a lap quilt. Moda too!
 The fabric front is printed  with half inch hexi flowers and it seems you were to hand stitch around the flowers themselves.
The cost was worth it for the backing fabric alone, so this is what I have used as strips tween the cut down blocks .

Those of you that are quilt makers of experience would fall about laughing at my efforts,
but its within finishing now, so at least it will be able to shield my legs from the onslaught of winter weather very soon lol And it will be fine for Evie to use to lay on the floor on.
Professional at quitting I am clearly not!
I'm quilting it piece by piece, even the strips, probably the most backwards way on method but that way I haven't had to wrestle the quilt through and around my sewing machine lol
And now the backing is on, I have hand stitched the back and front together too, so its a mish mash of machine and hand stitched quilting LOL

I had bought some commercial binding but actually when got ready to stitch it on, I realised that it wouldn't look right, so have cut my own binding using 4 different fabrics, so the binding too will have a scrappy look.
Cant get stuck in to it just yet though, grandchild duties loom ahead for this weekend - do hope Evie will go easy on me!

Last Saturday was our EYES stitchy club meeting and we had a talk about costumes from the world of Jane Austin. Julia Soames had made the dresses and gave the talk to us.
I suspect I have been spoilt by seeing 'The History Wardrobe' talks, so although Julias dresses are beautifully made, the talk didn't captivate me as much.
Although to be fair, this was my first meeting as club librarian, so perhaps I wasn't paying the same amount of attention!
Incidentally Jean has a post about The History Wardrobes recent local talk about Fairytale Dresses, so nip over and see her explanation of what she saw.
Meanwhile he's a few pics of Juilas dresses....


and heres some of the members work put on display............many are so, so skilled.

and one member had made several bags from upholstery fabrics that had been for sale on the sales table. This box was cleverly pieced together I thought.
 All her bags had pieces zig zag stitched together and looked super.

The upholstery fabrics cost £2 on the sales table and are the kind of thing that hangs on a hanger, with one large piece of fabric then 20+ smaller sized pieces in complimenting colours?
Well out of that one bulk cheap buy, 7 bags had emerged!
Wish I had caught the ladies name but her bags were really superb.

Oh and this 'matching' activity was todays make at work, along with colour and flavour name cards.
All the time I was making them I fancied an ice cream too!


  1. Hello Lyn! I think your quilt looks fabulous! It isn't easy putting a 'scrap' quilt together and make it look nice.... yours looks lovely! It sounds like a nice talk at your stitching club.... I love the photographs of the dresses! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. Scrap quilt is coming together nicely, and that pink fabric is so pretty.

  3. Hi Lyn - your quilt is so pretty. I love that pink sashing because it makes the blocks shine!

  4. From my limited experience with quilting I have to say that yours looks pretty darned good! Wonderful fun to see the treasures made by the members of your group too. Hmmm - must be something about being the librarian for groups - I was in that role with our local quilt guild for a number of years. I tried to hand it over to someone (anyone!) else and was told that I was doing too good a job, so I finally had to quit the guild to force the issue. Have yet to go back, and should I guess.