Monday, 28 September 2015

I set the alarm and go up at 3am this morning and sat out back in the darkness watching the end of lunar eclipse.
It was delightful out there and pleasant, not at all cold.
I stayed out till the moon was half way full and should have
stayed longer but I needed a pee lol
It had a rosy look but I wished my eyesight was still 20/20
or Id had a telescope.  
I'm going to do my very best to stay alive and sane enough
to watch the next one!
It's done : )
And even more surprising is that when my daughter saw it she asked if I'd made it, Yes says I - hmm, says she, well could she have it!
Yes, says I with a smile .....
though you could have knocked me over with a feather!
Here's my 2yr old grandaughter, one of 5 little bridesmaids
looking bored at only the dressing stage, well before the wedding at the brides house lol
By we got to the church, she'd bent her wand almost into a right angle and the headband was on and off so many times,
I thought it would break lol
She really did look lovely though but I'm not sure
she smiled in any of the photos!

And here she is at mine after a busy morning playing,
 with Harvey keeping her safe and stop her falling off!
And yet another waistcoat for work
You know, I've seen Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt blocks
on so many blogs that I follow and couldn't really see what
the passion was about them,
then I realised they were only 6" square!
So I thought I would send for the book for our stitchy club library
and it arrived today.
Well, what a charming book!
I'm hooked lol I'm keeping it for myself.
I hadn't realised the premise behind the quilt design.
In 1922 The Farmers Wife Magazine for farmers wives,
ran a competition and they asked readers this question.
"If you had a daughter of marriageable age, would you, in light of
your own experience, want her to marry a farmer?"
The editors were overwhelmed  by the response,
they had over 7000 replies and 94% of farm wives stated that,
yes, they would want their daughters to marry farmers.
Well Laurie Aaron Hird gathered 111 of the letters and
devised small sampler blocks to accompany the letters.
The letters are charming and so interesting to read
so yes, I have fallen under the spell.
The book comes with a cd which has the templates on
so you can print them off yourself.
I also sent for the book
Little Quilts by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger
for the stitchy club library....
guess what?
I'm going to have to keep that one too!
My excuse is that the little mini quilts are a perfect size for
practising ( learning ) to machine quilt on.
I can totally recommend each book although I am going
to be living on eggy bread and home grown chopped tomatoes
for afew weeks now.


  1. i never did go out to see the moon. i remember seeing an eclipse of the sun many, many years ago. we were all outside with our different home made eye protectors to prevent damage to the eye. it is amazing but i was just as happy to see it on the tv.
    i love your quilt....nice that your daughter wants it. it's hard to sometimes know what others will like for themselves.
    will have to check out those 2 books....and your granddaughter looks just beautiful.

  2. LOL - hugely!! Oh the dangers of being a guild librarian, ordering books and ending up keeping them. Done that - own that particular t-shirt (several times over!!!!).

  3. Lucky you... On the other side of the city it was thick mist and no visible moon ..not even a red glow through the mist !

  4. I love Harvey, Guardian of the Child; not surprised your daughter wanted the quilt, turned out beautifully; in the wrong hemisphere and couldn't see the eclipse but the full moon was big and bold and beautiful; I have a Pinterest board full of min-quilts, I want to make some, we could egg each other on; lol-ing that you kept both books. When a friend was married some years ago, her then 3 yr old was a flower girl too, she played frisbee all the way down the aisle and through the whole ceremony with the flower circlet from her head....everyone watched her instead of the bride and groom, quite funny and charming....your little grandy obviously didn't want to be there.

  5. I love the picture of the two of them snoozing on the couch! Adorable.

    I'm not surprised that your daughter wants the quilt - it is such a pretty thing and I know it is going to be loved and used in the years to come.

    I wanted to see the eclipse but it clouded over here so we couldn't see a thing. Bummer!

  6. The eclipse was a northern hemisphere thing. I had heard mention of it on a dozen blogs or so, and thought I was a complete dummy for missing it entirely. Felt much better when I realised that we didn't have it here!
    I have a similar book with a bunch of letters from soldiers who served in the Civil War with an accompanying quilt block to make. I keep meaning to make a Civil War quilt out of that book but haven't done so yet. I've used the templates in it to make a few blocks for other quilts though.
    Just as a by the by. Sarah Fielke used to be in a quilt group I went to many years ago. Way before she became famous. LOL She stopped coming when she opened her own shop.

  7. Somehow I missed this post, Lyn -- oh I love that quilt, it's absolutely lovely. And your little one is such a darling! Still eating tomatoes? We are, too. xo

  8. I watched the moon that night too. It seems so long ago now...I don't know where October went! Your little granddaughter looks adorable and your quilt turned out beautifully :) I hope you are finding some time to enjoy making blocks and mini quilts :)