Sunday, 12 July 2015

VI work bits

Some more bits made for work recently ~

Many of our children use a set of 7 books called Finger Phonics, the originals of which have quite busy illustrations.
They are a slightly more up to date version of the Jolly Phonics series.

For a child with visual impairment, any overwhelming, dark or seriously multi coloured illustrations can make using what eyesight they have, 
that much more difficult.
So I make adapted versions with simplified illustrations for our children to use and lay Braille over the text.
You can see the originals being used in this short video clip

and here are some pages of the adapted books I make with some tactile elements.

The bird bit is to symbolise the oo in cuckoo and the bird waggles to and fro.

This is a black out blanket I was asked to make with an emergency foil blanket stitched to the underside.
It is to be used to cover a child's head in a wheelchair, so the teacher and child are tucked beneath it, probably with a UV light I imagine.
Actually I had a length of grey suiting and ironed black Vilene onto it to give it more density, then spray glued the foil onto that, then machine stitched the edges with a hem.
It has a better drape to it with the suiting, rather than using the black out fabric you get nowadays.

And this below is a prototype chair back hold all, for some of our PD children to use in class.
The teacher gave me measurements, which were wrong lol so I had to reduce the width and adapt the pocket sizes to get it right.
Now it's the correct size and design needed, I have made a pattern and  will need to make several more but in less "vibrant" fabric apparently lol.  


  1. IT is always very interesting to see your work projects. You are so inventive. I would have thought there was nothing wrong with vibrant either!

  2. Hello Lyn! You do a fabulous job with these books... the children are lucky to have someone like you! :) x

  3. You do amazing things for the children Lyn. You must be so happy to be able to contribute to their learning.

  4. Your version of the books are fantastic and easy on the eyes! Great work!

  5. Interesting post and lovely book ideas.