Monday, 6 July 2015

Lucy Anne Harding at Cober Hill - 2

Right let's see if Blogger will post the pics the right way up for me this time : )

I screen printed 6 pieces of fabric and worked on 2 of them but can only show one of them at the moment.

Rather than machine applique the one (on the right) that I can show you now, I hand stitched this one and this is it so far.
The door fabric, screen printed as a background, is a design that Lucy created herself and it represents all the various doors of customers that she, her father and her grandfather delivered milk to!
Don't you just love that nostalgic commemoration in fabric of what was a whole village life, a social history of times past.
Lives lived, often well off the beaten track and away from the urban towns of supermarket living.
Where communities relied on each other to get through the winter weather or family crisis!
The times they are a changing ....
Lucy gave us all a tote bag and had designed a logo for our group weekend, which thrilled us all no end!
We could choose our colours and screen print them ourselves too,
so a double bonus! I chose purple : )
She also gave us a Guterman goody bag each with brochures and a spool of 100% recycled Sew-all thread! Recycled thread!
Cober Hill three chocolate puddings - 2 were delicious!!

some shots of the gardens

This was the closest thing I could find that even resembled a hexi over the weekend lol

Some of the lace makers work below .. and Bloggers posting the pics skew whiff again : (

And this is a huge aerial shot of Cober Hill and Cloughton, great idea for a quilt yes?
No. I wont be making it lol


  1. It looks as if your weekend was wonderful. Isn't it great to immerse yourself in a hobby and not have to worry about shopping, cooking etc. I'm doing a bit of appliqué too at the moment. Very absorbing. Your cats look interesting and I cannot wait to see the finish.

  2. Looks like a brilliant weekend Lyn. Great screen prints.

  3. More fabulous photographs Lyn! So glad you had such a wonderful time! :) x

  4. What a lovely creative weekend you've had in a gorgeous place too

  5. Your retreat (!) was definitely worth two posts, Lyn. I enjoyed both posts completely and imagine you feel creatively energized because I was just from looking at the photos. Yes on the aerial quilt idea, it already looks like a patchwork, and one could use any aerial shot as a starting point. I chuckled about the arm exercise, I practice that form of yoga too.

  6. Looks like you had a fun, creative weekend. Good to catch up again.