Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Some fun things

I am still sharing a rented flat with my daughter, her hubby and the 5 month old Evie and we are all still on speaking terms - lol but I am hoping to move into my new (old) place in a week or so.
I will however be camping in the main bedroom and simply stock piling all my belongings in the loft, other bedroom and in the back, downstairs room.
The idea being that at least I can get the animals out of cattery/kennel and stop paying for storage, live whilst I await my son having chance to fit the new ( little) kitchen and lay laminate down for me downstairs.

Anyway I took some photos which you might like to see of a Vintage only, charity shop here in Hull.
Dove House Hospice has somewhat of a monopoly on charity shops in and around Hull but they do such remarkable work I suppose we can't object to their fund raising shops.
They not long back opened a shop specifically for vintage items and I finally made a visit - so here we are, enjoy and let me know if anything strikes a chord in your memories won't you!

memories anyone? lol


  1. oh what wonderful images. i feel like i just went shopping. that green glass in the 5th image was something my grandmother had and the meat grinder in the 8th image was something i always helped with. i remember when the old one had to be replaced and we went shopping for a new one. thanks for the memories.

  2. Hi Lyn, hope the move-in for both you and the animals goes smoothly! And I'd love to go shopping with you there, everything looks neat as a pin! xo

  3. Hope the cats like their new home!

  4. HA, deanna has echoed my words exactly ... "that green glass in the 5th image was something my grandmother had" ... ! Good thing I don't live near to this shop as I'd get myself into some serious trouble ;>]]

  5. Oh my - I just embiggened the photos and I want to go shopping now! I think there's something in every single photo that would end up in my shopping cart.

  6. That looks like a fab charity shop to me!! So many lovely temptations. Lizzie