Thursday, 19 January 2012

What not to do with a lottery ticket.....

Sometimes I have to just knit.......but seem to avoid starting big items lol so yet another head hugger.

Another successful trip to scrapstore.......torn in places but made of lovely old cotton, a nightdress....great for dyeing at some point.

Now a warning...........any idea what this below is?

                   I scrunched up the wrong lottery ticket, one I hadnt checked....
so thought Id iron it so it would go through the stores lottery machine for checking .............
Though I ironed on the back side of the ticket, the printed numbers side...........turned black with the heat! How or why Ive no idea lol
I just hope it wasnt a winning ticket! lol


  1. i don't buy lottery tickets much anymore but when i did, i used to save them for a long time after just in case. it must be treated with something to turn black like that.

  2. Oh my - that would be something I would do with a lottery ticket, or I'd lose it completely. Very nice nightie - some of the old torn ones are the softest and nicest fabric.

  3. Several questions rattling around:
    Was it a winning ticket?
    What made it turn black?
    And more importantly - can you do anything creative with it now that it's changed colour?

    You could be on to a winner with an undiscovered surface to work on. :))

  4. The old cotton nightdress is a great find.

    Till receipts do that when I put them in the fire, before they set Deanna, I think they may be treated with something. How frustrating that you will never know if you were a winner!

  5. Lyn, that would frustrate the heck out of me. Well, now you know you can't iron lottery tickets, sigh.

    I like your hat, you sure have been a knitting machine lately! And great find, seeing your soft cotton piece makes me want to go thrifting tomorrow.



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