Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cute Ethiopian jumpers and books Im thrilled with

 Well I made another two jumpers with the lovely blue marl wool on the left here. And two folks at work knitted the other three. It is such a nice little pattern.

Ive been meaning to mention some books I bought a while back.... Laura Wasilowski has an interesting fun blog and her applique pieces are beautiful, colourful and show her lively look at life.
The Fuse and Tell Journal Quilts book is choc full of hints and how to's. Im hoping it will help me achieve some fun effects of my own for my grandson. I love her vibrant hangings.
Fanciful Stitches Colorful Quilts is a rich and informative book with lots of ideas to use as inspiration...............its just yummy.

The lush Sew Wild by Alisa Burke which has a dvd with it........which I've yet to a great book for inspiring you to trial out techniques. Its joy is that Alisa uses simple, everyday things..........rather than buying in shed loads of named this, that or the other fancy stuff.
Its a nicely laid out, no fuss book which covers all manner of ideas.

I couldn't resist the Steampunk Softies book............I doubt Ill make any for me but Im SO hoping someone else needs some, so I get to make them anyway lolol Mini art dolls with attitude.........fabulous !
The Love Stitching book by Jan Constantine was a christmas gift, along with pieces of felt and a feather cushion pad.
Her style is very English and some of it quite retro...........Id never heard of her before, but her website shows her style of work which Im sure some of you may find interesting to look at. It is a pageant of British identity.
eg.Psychedelic Psychedelic Fab Love eh!

Then the Fabulous Surfaces book by Lynda Monk...........which covers all manner of ways to use various tissue papers to achieve scrumptious turquoise, copper and rusty looks.
This is published by d4daisy Books Ltd and there are additional workshops online at their website which you can access as a bonus.

Then I popped into the central library and found these .......which are now on my wish list lol

Layered Textiles by Kim Thittichai is a must have book, I must have it ! Again all about techniques and encouraging us to experiment and understand the techniques so we can use them successfully.

Now this book is delicious 'folk quilt applique' by Clare Kingslake. Her style is exquisitely pretty without being frothy....I need this book too now....sigh

I lifted the pic below off her blog - naughty of me - but its distinctly her style so please go and have a look for yourself at her site and blog.......I love her use of light, fresh colours and the books' cover hangings are simply delightful.

And this last book above by Helene Martin is sheer joy with pencil drawn animals and patterns for the stylised applique animals and people. 
Its very reminiscent of Janet Bolton but with an individual twist.
I havent managed to find a website for her as a stitcher, though there is a french journalist and it appears it may be her.

Gosh there are such gifted folks out there and how great we get to read books about them and what they do!
Enjoyyyyy :)


  1. wow. you've got a lot to play with. i took a class with Laura Wasilowski several years ago when she was here in Austin. and i still haven't gotten to look deeply into the Janet Bolton book i bought last year. there are some books out there that are irresistible but, lately, i've just been buying information type books like "Textiles: The Whole Story" by Beverly Gordon. so much great info there about cloth.

  2. so many books!!! I haven't bought a book for ages...when I now start buying them again I shall tell my husband that it's your fault!!

  3. Oh, this was fun, Lyn! Thanks for all the goodness to go visit. Sew Wild appeals to me greatly, the name alone, I can only imagine what's inside. Smiling about must have -- means I must have it! ;-)

    And very sweet jumpers. You are earning good karma.

  4. Karen sorry lol Deanna that textiles book looks interesting too.
    Peggy Sew ild doesnt have different techniques so mcu as a down to earth feel about it and its lovely to hold, smsller sized than A4 and colourfully illustrated. It makes you want to DO the things suggested too.
    I never think about karma though I do need all the help I can get am sure lol But it would be nice to think they will hug a little body somewhere, some time, wouldnt it.

  5. Nice selection of books to keep you busy. I'm a great fan of Alisa Burke.

  6. Thank you. :))
    The Alisa Burke one is on my list and I am dying to do one of her online video classes but just haven't got the time at the moment.