Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Trip to Spurn to chill out for a spell

Took a trip out to Spurn with a friend Jean, who doesn't drive and like myself, likes to beach comb and absorb the endless sky and sea out there.
She makes mention of it on her blog and explains abit about the magical place here .... http://jeansmuse.blogspot.com/2010/09/picnic-at-spurn.html
One side of the spit of land is estuary marshland and the other is the North Sea! Its simply wonderful there.

These pics are taken on the marshland side before the tide had gone out.
On the left looking back the way we had driven on ramshackle, sandy strewn 'up and down' paths that are breached by the seas each winter. On the right, looking out to the Humber River's mouth. The old lighthouse can be just made out to the left of the that picture, beyond which are the homes of the permenant RNLI who live out on this often inhospitable spit of land.
This pic shows you marshland on the left side and sea on the right, looking back to where you enter this bird preserve area.

And this picture is looking out towards the Humber River mouth, an hour or so later showing the tide has pulled out.
Here's a shot of the marshland when the tides pulled right out and the muds are exposed.
Not sure why we have floating gas rig out in the Humber channel but I think its been brought in for repair from out at sea. And hardly visible is a chap digging for goodness knows what in the muds, just to the right of the tallest tuft of grass lol daft soul!

An interesting groine segment, somewhat like an open mouth I thought lol abit like a beak even?
All that sea and sky, the peacefulness and only the ebbing tide as it rasped against the stones in its, to and fro-ing motions. Bliss!

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