Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cyanotypes on fabric

I took a workshop with Ruth Brown   ( http://www.stonecreeksilk.co.uk/) last saturday, across the Humber river, at The Ropewalk in Barton on Humber. The Ropewalk is an old rope factory, lovingly restored into a Gallery, cafe and workspace for artists and small media businesses.
They do such lovely cakes in the cafe lol  ...... but I resisted!
Since I'm on a healthy eating plan and am loosely following the Dukan Diet principles ( lost a stone and am aiming for more!)
Its ironic I went there, because Ruth lives out at Sunk Island which is reclaimed river side lands, east of Hull, on the way to Spurn Head and here she was not only over on the west of Hull, but south of it and across the river too!
She has her own studio at Sunk Island and runs courses from there and I did enjoy this workshop with her. She knows her stuff !

She has one book out already 'Cyanotypes on Fabric' which I can recommend and a second book due out soon, which goes into detail about using negative transparencies with the photographic cyanotype process I believe.
Now above are the samples I came up with, feathers on the left and a slice of root which Id hoped might be more intricate but even so I quite like its spooky effect!
Above left is a wreath of twisted bamboo and two little dandylion flowers, a small doily bottom left and cut out plastic spiral shapes. On the left side of the right hand picture,( this pic also at end of this post) I've used two old string knotted belts, macrame and beads kind of thing. In fact their tail ends are at top and bottom right of the fabric. Centrally is a metal M, its about 6" tall and its laid on top of a strip of fine netting. Where the net touched the fabric it has left slight marks, where it wasn't touching, its ghosted. And the stars and small flowers are plastic shapes.

Now these two I did first and hadn't left them exposed to the UV sunlight long enough for them to develop that wonderful rich Prussian Blue colour, so they are more like a light denim shade. On the left is the seaweed that reminds me of old lyle stockings, that I pick up at Bridlingtons beaches. And the fish?
Those were made using self adhesive card making peel off shapes! Ideal if you want sharp, crisp designs.
On the right a successful doily image.
Ruth explained how to turn these into a yellow colour, instead of blue and then tea stain them brown..........that's my next trick ............but it will have to wait till there is more sun ..... and Ive caught up with the Challenge I'm doing with Shelagh Folgate. Ive fallen behind on it and if I don't pull my finger out Shelagh will be turfing me out of the Folgate Fold !
What will I do with these? well I have an idea or two, but that will have to wait for now.....

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