Wednesday, 28 December 2016

I do like being off work lol

Its all over bar the New Year celebrations, it went quicker than last year - all that organising and Christmas is been and gone already!
Hope you all had a wonderful time anyway, as did I.

I had a go at the jelly roll race method of making a quilt top, used a Moda Scrap Bag I'd picked up a while back.
It's true, you can make a jelly roll race top within an hour!
This is about 45" x 60" ish and the top went together in around 40 minutes, probably less because I made 2 mugs of tea in that time too.
Next day I simply quilted straight lines and put it all together.
I may applique a bird or two onto it to add some brightness and interest and then gift it to Linus to use as they see fit.

I also put together some of the smaller scrappy log cabin blocks I've been hand stitching now and then.
But stitched them between some cat squares, with no real plan as yet. 

I might just make lots of scrappy blocks and then jigsaw them in some kind of pleasing arrangement.
The larger ones aren't stitched together, but I've made quite a few of those and am hand quilting them one by one, again to use up the scraps.

I nabbed a charity shop pine desk today for £45, well £60 with delivery.
It should be perfect to set the sewing machine on and then - in theory - my dining table will be clear, to eat off - lol
The drawers should hold all the cutting rulers, machine extra bits and possibly one of the other machines in the right side cupboard.
Think I will almost certainly paint it cream inside and out in the better weather. That way it will match my reclaimed wood topped dining table which has cream painted pine legs.

Happy New Year to you and yours all : )


  1. jelly rolls are fun to use and as you say make up so quickly, I did 5 bavy quilts with strips and they have all gone to friends of the girls who have had babies. Log cabin blocks looking good to and wow the desk is a great buy the drawers will be so handy to have rulers etc and know where they are!

  2. Nice desk! Also, I would never really believed you could make a quilt so fast, but you must have been flying. Happy New Year!

  3. Very satisfying to have a finished product - and a very nice one at that! - done so quickly! Pretty colors!
    I picked up a queen size quilt I pieced but only started to hand quilt a few months ago. Now that Christmas is over and winter lies ahead, I'm looking forward to finishing it!

  4. Hah - a clear dining room table with the addition of a desk. Let me know how that goes! If you're like me things just expand to fill the available space. B'sides - isn't eating off your lap good for the diet when you consider all the food that ends up on the floor and not in your mouth?? Happy 2017!!!

  5. Your jelly roll quilt turned out great and what a great desk.

  6. Congratulations on your new grandbaby, Spencer! He looks well-filled out, so nice to hold a solid baby, isn't it?
    Your jelly roll quilt and description made my heart skip, might there actually be something I could start and finish in the same month? Ha. Have you gotten back together with your work yet? :) xoxo

  7. Nice op shop finds! The jelly roll quilt top is looking good.

  8. Hi Lyn, are you doing any QAL's this year? I'm still working on the quilty365 project but wondered what you'd be up to. :)