Saturday, 29 October 2016

Stash pic update, Elsa Tree and the Speedweve loom

Nannette said she would like to see the cd cabinets stocked with fabrics and so I've had a go, who knew I shook so much taking pi!
AND who knows where the lead is to transfer pics off my phone to the laptop?
Come on, own up!
Well after several emails from my phone to my email service
and then several more because the first batch were fuzzy wuzzy lol
Here's a view of the inside of the odd little curtained off part of my what is my back room downstairs.
It was once a shower and loo, then it became a little office then I came along and turned it into a curtained off glory hole, where now, its theoretically a stash-behind-the-curtain area.
It also houses a table behind the camera : ) - on which the cat food is and beneath which the litter box sits, so its an altogether multi functioning area.
I had no idea over the years I had accumulated quite so much fabrics ...

: )
 looking right are some ore cuts and a layer cake or two, paper patterns and boxes of ufos ..
 looking further right is another stand tucked away ..
 and looking left at that point is the dark wood, odd cd stand the store threw in as a freebie since Id bought all the others lol  which is fuzzy because I sneezed, sorry!
Years ago someone gave me a lot of perle threads and I am slowly working my way through them, some of which hang on the metal hoops.
Looking down you will see that the floor area is still in chaos but its perfect for throwing bags in when someone is due to arrive and you want the illusion that the living room is tidy - Ha!
The blue bag is my Singer One machine, not very expensive but super!
Don't ask whats under the table there!
Well, okay its 2 huge bags of scrap fabrics, a big container of beads and notions I once thought would be fine all jumbled together - big mistake really that.
And another big bag of used fabric offcuts, denim etc.
So there, my confession is over.
That's the downstairs stash ..............
then there is still some large fabric lengths and the wool stash upstairs .....

I forgot to show you this natty little gadget, I paid 25p for it, or did I?
Well anyway if I did, its worth looking at again : )
It intrigued me that's why I bought it, so I could look it up on the all knowledgeable and too powerful Google.

The Speedweve Model 2 is a natty gadget from yesteryear, made by a Lancashire Firm and was basically I think Lancashires smallest commercial weaving loom. For a full update on it, please go to the following informative blog post, with a full step by step how to use it!

Now is that natty or what, rather wish I had the accompanying mushroom bit now but I simply adore the method of changing the warp!
Inspired : )
Oh and I have finished an Elsa tree, so now must make a few more for the stall. Now I know how I want them to basically look, each one will be slightly different and there are some Anna's to make too.
This one is 8" diameter the others may well be 10", this was the prover size.

And finally a gratuitous pet picture: companionship reigned this afternoon whist the sun shone, my washing wafted briefly and I had a cupper out back, hoping there might be some vitamin D in the weak suns rays!


  1. oh i love seeing that wonderful cabinet filled with fabric. i've given up on keeping things organized. i do know pretty much where everything is and i do have fabric stored in plastic tubs with labels but there is also the fabric that is loose and just all over the place.
    interesting loom gadget and love those cats.

  2. It's fun to have a tour of your sewing room. It good having your fabrics organised where you can see them, they look great on the shelves.

  3. What a splendiferous way to store your stash! Love it. Very impressed with your idea of using CD drawers.

  4. what a lot of fabric!! I too hoard shame I gave my CD cabinet to a charity shop mind you I tend to buy metre lenghs so they might not have fitted in. How good to have things so organised with a small space it needs to be. I do not have understairs storage as I have a downstairs loo mind you love that too. Cats look very content dog too but sorry afraid of dogs what a wimp I am.

  5. I used the very same CD shelves for my fabric for years. They are now in the attic but seeing yours makes me want to get them out again.

  6. What a wonderful stash!! You are certainly getting it well organised! Love your Elsa tree! Enjoy the remainder of the weekend! Christine x

  7. Oooh thankyou, I felt I was right there in your cubby hole with you, cat litter and all....I have one of those trays here in my sewing room too, cats must be catered for :) Those cd shelves hold a lot, and it all looks so pretty set out like that. So do you work in there too, or is it just for storage? And is that yor dog, don't think I knew you had a dog??

  8. You have an enviable fabric stash - and so well organized too. I know just how long that would last if it were me!! Your Elsa tree looks great (btw - did you check out the link on my blog for the bicycle wheel version?).

  9. How funny that you showed the Speedweve - I was just on a Tom of Holland workshop yesterday. I love the racks with all your stash - it's such a clever idea and because they are tall and thin you could fit them into all sorts of gaps around the house. :-)