Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Whitework and more scrappy patchwork

I've made three so far but only two photos here to show .... and annoyingly I have run out of the pretty pink rosebud fabric, edging the top one here ........ so my 4th cushion pad will have to have a different edging fabric. 
Ah well, different is good too : )

I may have to keep making more big blocks whilst I'm in between homes. I've plenty of scraps and hand stitching like this is very therapeutic lol

Some local removal guys are moving me out of my house on saturday afternoon and storing it all for me, until I can move into my next home.
The completion is on monday or tuesday but I thought Id jump ship ahead of time and get the house cleaned through with less stress.
Mind you if my buyer pulls out last minute ...... I will be moving back in quick smart!!

Last saturday was our East Yorkshire Embroidery Society meeting and the speaker was a delightful young woman called Katie Pirson.
She is Royal School of Needlework trained and had brought the pieces she had stitched to show us.
For those of you who are keen on whitework or follow Karen Ruanes amazing work, I took these pics to share with you.
Utterly beautiful work this one below ........ 

                                                     exquisite detail

and her that how its spelt? 

 and then - so pretty - sort of ring a ring a roses - ish!


  1. oooh - thank you for sharing the whitework! Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth (and successful) move.

  2. you have so many pretty pink fabric in your scrappy patchwork. i love pinks. and thank you for all those wonderful images. that last one has inspired me to do some eyelets. i've been thinking about eyelets and i like the way she's arranged them. wishing you luck with the moving.

  3. I love your patchwork, Lyn! Hope your moving and house sale goes smoothly! xoxo

  4. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the talk - you have a lovely group in EYEs, and I love the name of your junior embroiderer's - they need to learn how to stitch eyelets themselves. Beautiful patchwork, gorgeous colours and prints.