Monday, 22 March 2010

Back home!!!

Well Im home at last, but still sorting boxes and bits out, so normal crafting is stalled for a week or two yet.....
but I have taken chill time out to review some newsletters and blogs I follow and theres a smashing RIT dye giveaway on the always interesting "C&T Publishing > do take a look, but be quick it closes tommorow!

There's a hand dyed silk wrap on the RIT dye site C&T link you through to and for me it struck a chord right away! I would want to 'play' with the dyes and produce fabrics with both subtle and loud, autumnal shades that run languidly into each other.
Languidly? I wonder if that would work.........given my inability to do things by rote, rather more results achieved by spontenaity!
I would use the resultant dyed fabrics for making textual leaves, some ruched with an embellisher, others distorted with machine stitching and then laid 3D onto a background of bark-like textured upholstry fabrics maybe, all muckled up into bark like ridges.............I can 'see' it in my mind!

Tommorow I will post my killed catalogues, though they arent exactly catalogues.......more pages from an undertakers log.........they arent as mucky as Maggie's but then I have yet to damage them abit more and harrass them with a carder perhaps!
Watch this space! [...]
Good luck if you have a go too!

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