Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Harrogate show

"Kath" by Andrea Cryer (UK) - STUNNING!

"Grandmother" by Gintaire Pilypaite from Lithuania
How clever is that then transferred pics on balls of wool!

But "Kath" was simply stunning, this must have been her when young and there was another of her as an older woman, both stitched by hand and machine I think........not sure if the machine sticthing was done by playing with the tension but the piece was simply amazing. Click on it and enlarge it to see the fine stitching that looks like shadows on the skin.........am still awe struck by this.......

Another humorous one but with a message never the less.........was by Caroline Marcum from the USA of a fashion show............"Dia de las Models".

Am never going to get the hang of placing pics on this blog..........the Skellywear one is up at the top! Not here>>>>> godamit!
Harrogate Knitting & Stitches was worth going to, if only to see the above pieces of work, but there was alot of other amazing stitchery on display and a whole boat covered in knitting.........which was such a fun piece you had to smile at it.
Its so inspiring to see others work !

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