Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bits n bobs - and spam on Bloglovn?

Okay so my hexi cover is growing but slowly .......... but that's fine, 
there's really no rush and I will try and complete it before I die lol 
It is great to just pick it up and put it down though, as the whim takes me ...........all be it, that that means, the box with it all in, 
sits next to me on the settee............all the time! hey ho -

Jack here busy cutting out baby turtles which he had me draw..........
and he also wanted "hundreds and hundreds" ( who the hell taught him that quantity???) of turtle eggs too! But naturally I cheated and you can see them bottom left lol squiggly circles en masse phew!

I hate making these blessed tactile maps of Europe for work, but here's one not quite finished. 
(Iceland and Denmark but two countries that are missing but of course, you'd spotted that I'm sure ..) 
How on earth a child with no sight can feel and UNDERSTAND the notion, of so many countries on a slightly larger than A3 base is beyond me,
 but the teachers ask for them for each of our children that goes up to secondary school.
40 plus different textures and a key with each texture representing one country ........... a blummin nightmare lol 

LOL I did NOT teach her to pull her tongue out ........... I swear I didn't!!
She's coming on really well thankfully and so is her lovely mum.

I put another tree hanging together but used a square lampshade 'ring' this time.

and I cut out some coasters from firmly felted thick woollies and crocheted edgings for them. I've enough for gifts as well as for myself too. 

So how are you finding BlogLovn or whichever other feed you've opted for? 
I was disappointed  to find that I had umpteen unsolicited feeds from Discovery News on my BlogLovn, which I certainly hadn't signed up for. 
I have yet to log in again and see if they been removed after my leaving Feedback.

I watched the most fascinating 'Imagine' programme the other night about a childrens nannie who took photographs all her life with an old Rolaflex camera. 
They only came to life, after her death, when the contents of her storage lockers went up for sale.
 Remarkable pictures and obviously an odd, but fascinating woman.
Vivian Maier, well worth watching the Alan Yentob programme on BBCiPlayer, link below.

Wasn't it heartbreaking to hear about those firefighters who died last week. 
I can't imagine how it must be for their families, so many lost lives, such a dreadful waste. 
My heart goes out to them all. 
It puts everyday life into perspective doesn't it, when such dreadful things like that happen.
Rest in Peace guys.