Wednesday, 19 June 2013

An otter of sorts !

I've been a bit quiet, preoccupied with the new grandaughter, sorry lol

I was asked at work to quickly supply a diagram or model of an otter, for a blind lass for an exam.
So from this -

I came up with this lol

I know.........dead cat right?!!

Against all my principals I used beaver lamb fur which had been in my stash of work stuff, donated by someone, somewhen. 
Its difficult to portray perspective because of course a person with no sight and that has never had sight, will not understand the relevance of perspective.
Someone who has a visual memory is more likely to remember and understand what perspective is ie. that one leg and one arm is infact behind the body in this case.
So to replicate the exact picture from this exam sheet is flawed for a child with no sight. I'm assured there will be an aide to help the child understand what they are feeling, if necessary. ... if only to say its not a dead cat!!
Talking about cats........

I thought you might like to see this lovely stitched cat that was on display at our last club meet.......

and an Evie update lol
5 weeks old already - 

At home I'm back to stitching up more hexis for my bed cover. Funny how the need to make them hits and its like a form of therapy, you just need to make them you know?